Solidarity project at the Centre Daniel Brottier – DOGODOGO: Renovation of the girl’s dormitories

Equal chances for girls - boys

Why this project for the girls ? A social agent came in 2022 for a visit at the Centre to check the conditions of accommodation for the 75 children living in the Centre, 34 of the children are girls. The State of Tanzania has placed 36 children in this Centre since the COVID pandemic without any support given. The dormitories and sanitary block of the boys was considered to be acceptable. But the accommodation with poor sanitary facilities were not considered to be acceptable, the Centre has to pay a fine if no renovation will be done in the near future.  

The renovation consist of efficient cleaning of the rooms inside of the building which already exist, repaint the walls, change the mosquito nets, improve the electricity network, verify the canalisations and the septic tank, to build a sanitary block with toilets, showers and a laundry facility.

The cost of the renovation of the dormitories is estimated at 8.500 Euros, the cost of the sanitary block is estimated at 10.630 Euros. The students of the carpentry class will fabric the beds and the doors, the students of the welding class will fabric the windows and the door frames, this local contribution is estimated at 5.300 €.

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