We are a group of friends wanting to improve the life conditions of the marginalized people in Tanzania. Each one of us has spent some time in this wonderful country and thus has enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Tanzanian people. But we have also seen the poor conditions of many Tanzanians, especially the marginalized.


Our contacts with the Spiritans have made it possible to start to help the marginalized in Tanzania. The church is contributing enormously trough building schools and dispensaries in Tanzania.


For a start we support several projects of the Spiritans in Tanzania, but as we go along, we remain open-minded for any kind of project improving the life conditions of the marginalized in Tanzania.



One cannot improve the world alone, but as a team we can join our talents and energy and thus multiply the possibilities to do some good. This was the leitmotiv to create PAMINA.


We are:


Christina Kratz – Chairperson

Danielle Gaudichau – Bursar

Etienne Piémont – Secretary

Gérard Lefèvre – Vice Chairperson


We are looking for new members and volunteers to help us with our planned actions, like expositions, concerts, sales of small items, tombola, Lotto etc. and above all donors for our projects.

Holy Ghost Fathers

The Spiritans (or Holy Ghost Fathers) are a Roman Catholic congregation founded in France in 1703 for evangelization of the poor. We count the following as constitutive parts of our mission of evangelization: the “integral liberation” of people, action for justice and peace and participation in development. We therefore make ourselves the advocates, the sup-porters and the defenders of the weak and the little ones against all who oppress them ( Spiritain Rule of life No. 14). Our Congregation is present on all continents, especially in Africa. Spiritains in Tanzania are involved in many diverse ministries including Evangelization, education, health care, parish work and refugee ministry. In Tanzania the Spiritains Provincialate (head office) is located at Tengeru P. O Box 3495 Duluti. The Spiritain Provincialate has already built and is running several schools including, Marian Girls, Marian Boys, Marian Primary in Bagamoyo, Tengeru boys in Arusha, and Libermann Secondary school in Dar-es-Salaam.


Spiritains fight for the complete and integral liberation of mankind. To achieve that goal, education is our priority. Quality and relevant education is the only help and a solution towards poverty eradication in our developing country. We are convinced that everybody should have a chance to improve his/her living conditions. This cannot happen without a good education, which will give him/her a voice to express him/herself, and play a role in improving the economy of the community and the country at large.