We thank you for all you have done during 2019 through donations, engagement and participation. This year was great in terms of donations to give a better future for disabled children, for street children and for children in difficult family situations.

The Spiritan Parish in the south of Alsace, Terre d'enVol continued for the second year to support during the Lenten Season  the dining hall project for the deaf children's' school in Endulen. The dining hall was finished in July and a small delegation from Alsace was in Endulen in August to bless this brand new Dining Hall.

The director of the school with the teachers and children thank you warmhearted for your generosity!



Christina visited Endulen in February and was happy to see the children really motivated to learn at the school.

The deaf children unit is progressing thanks to the special teacher Neema. The children are now fluent in the sign language and can communicate with those who know this language.

Thanks to the construction of the Dining Hall the St Luke school of Endulen has been registered officially in Dodoma at the Ministry of Education.

In August the brand new Dining Hall was blessed, the conditions of taking meals has improved considerably for the children.

A dormitory for the boys has been finished.



We have 93 children at the school, out of them 7 are deaf, 12 with a hearing problem. The children are divided in 5 classes: one for the deaf children, a baby-class, a middle-class, class P1 and class P2. We have 6 teachers teaching on full time. The children with a hearing problem attend normal classes with a special attention of the teacher.

We have to install a solar energy system as there is no electricity provided by TANESCO (the state electricity company) in Ngorongoro.


We plan to gather rain water from the roofs of the school buildings and store this water into water tanks to guaranty a sufficient water supply for the running of the school.


DOGODOGO in BUNJU, DAR-es-salaam

The water gathering project has been finished and the young people can now catch rain water for washing their clothes and for shower as well as irrigating the vegetable garden when needed.

We have now a new project for the Dogodogo center which consist of renovating existing buildings to start two Secondry School Classes for the sustainability of the MTC at Dogodogo. They also need to buy wood and accessories so that the young people at the center can manufacture benches, tables, chairs and cupboards needed for the school.


As the project for solar energy  for SUMA in Engikaret has been approved as a project for PAMINA, I was able to give some money for this project to buy a solar kit: panel, battery, charge controller and inverter plus labor cost.

SUMA is a secondary school close to the Arusha - Nairobi road, a rural area with poor Maasaï population.

SUMA = Sala, Uti, Masomo which means : prayers, obedience and studies.

For the second part of money Fr Karumuna was able to buy a more powerful inverter so that the copy machine and the computer of the school can run when the TANESCO electricity is cut.