Through all our projects in Tanzania we are committed to defend the Human Rights, specially the rights of children.


1. Construction of a special primary boarding school for deaf children in Endulen. The total cost of this project amounts to 261.000 US$ or 247.860 Euros. The construction phase has been started; the teaching of the sign language started for the first 10 children in January 2017. In January 2020 we have 150 children at the school, 98 of them boarding and 27 of these children have a hearing problem. The complete description can be downloaded as a pdf file


3. System of gathering and storage of rain water at the mission in Endulen. In order to assure fresh water supply for the above mentioned school we need to have fresh water at all times. The project consists of installing gutters on the roofs and lead the rain water into SIM-tanks for storage. The estimated cost for this project amounts to 10.500,- Euros


4. Installation of a solar energy system for the special school for the deaf children in Endulen. The projekt will be carried out together with ESF (énergie sans frontières), a second degree technical school in Grenoble and KIITEC in Arusha. The material needed except for the batteries will be shipped soon to Tanzania, PAMINA is charged to finance the batteries needed for the system. More details in the NEWS part of the web side.


      5.    Sponsoring of children coming from poor families for school fees. On demand we can propose some children in need to be supported in terms of school fees, specially the deaf children, as their parents do not participate for school fees. The support can be nominative or global. The form to be filled can be downloaded as a pdf file



Project of renovation of existing buildings to start classes of Secondary School Danie Brottier.

The project consist of cleaning and renovating existing rooms for two classes as well as a dormitory building. To buy wood and accessories to manufacture benches, tables bed and cupboards by the young people of the MTC at Dogodogo. This will guaranty the sustainability of the center. Please download the description of the project as pdf.


Project of solar energy for the SUMA secondary school in Engikaret, Arusha. The school is situated in a rural poor area with a Maasaï population. The electricity is often cut specially in the rain seasons. This makes it difficult for the students (Form 1 to 6) to study and pass their examinations.

The complete description can be downloaded as a pdf file.

This project has been completed

Special school for deaf children in ENDULEN
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The water project for the school in Endulen
water Project for the school.pdf
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Supporting a child for school fees
Form for supporting a child.pdf
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Project of revovating existing buildings for Seconday School Classes
Project of renovation for a Secondary s
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